Welcome to Cash's Business Page! Here you will find all of your essential products needed to kick start your garment business. Included on this page will be Cash's Care Labels, Cash's Size Marks, and Bespoke Badges & Labels.

Cash's Care Labels:

Cash's custom made Care Labels are designed to enable you to select the symbols you require to make up labels to ensure your garments receive correct care in washing and laundering. The Care Labels can be printed up to two colours on the face of the label and one colour on the back of the label. Cash's Care Labels are made from Polyester Satin Material and start at a minimum order quantity of 50 (quantities can vary depending on customer needs) Please note setup charges may apply. Bespoke Care Label orders include adding your very own logo and lines of text. For more information about sizes and symbols please contact us on +44 (0) 24 7646 6466 or send an email to businesspage@cashs.co.uk

Cash's Size Marks:

Cash's customer made Size Marks are available in any size you desire. Cash's Size Marks also can be printed or woven using 100% Polyester Material. With regards to the printed option we can offer Black text on a White Label. However for the woven option we can switch this and do both Black or White text on a Black or White Label. The minimum order quantity for Cash's Size Marks is 50 and quantities can go as high as the customer desires. Quantities may vary depending on specialist sizes. For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 24 7646 6466 or send an email to businesspage@cashs.co.uk 

Bespoke Orders:

Cash's Personal Bespoke Order's offer a variety of choice and design when kickstarting your very own business! We can do both Woven Badges and Labels for your garment needs. Cash's also offers a wide rang of colours to suit your personal business colours. The size of your bespoke order can vary depending on the size of logo used and length of text. In order to kickstart a Bespoke order with us please contact us on +44 (0) 24 7646 6466. Here you will be asked to send a preview of the logo and text you wish to use for your Bespoke Order. Alternatively you can also send an email to businesspage@cashs.co.uk for any Bespoke enquiries. 



For more information please contact Cash's on +44 (0) 24 7646 6466 or alternatively you can send an email to Cash's: sales@cashslabels.co.uk